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  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

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    Did you know that thousands of websites here and abroad get banned from Google and other search engines because the SEO teams did something illegal? Unfortunately, even if an SEO company uses recognized white hat methods, they may still not know about vital changes in search engine algorithms.

    No matter whether they are still submitting articles to directories downgraded by Google, or they do not recognize the value of social networking public pages, these SEO companies can drive your business into failure.

    By contrast, have a look at what our SEO specialists can do for your page:

    • Create compelling videos and other social network materials that can easily go viral
    • Take advantage of press releases and other news oriented venues to drive potential customers to your site
    • Accurate geo-targeting that ensures your site will always be visible to people in your local community
    • Pay per click (PPC) and other campaigns that will ensure perfect placement even in popular niches
    • Revision of site content to get rid of keyword stuffing that cause both human viewers and search engine spiders to conclude your page is sheer garbage
    • Develop robust social network pages and other tools to ensure your site ranks as well on these platforms as it does conventional search engines
    • Creation of email marketing campaigns that do not rely on spam or other nuisance mails that drive customers away instead of bringing them in.
    • Develop or revise navigation and dynamic scripts to ensure search engine spiders crawl and then index each page on your site
    • Ensure that search engine spiders visit your site on a regular basis and continue to give it a good ranking