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  • Professional Logo & Corporate Identity

    Did you know that the vast majority of self or freelance generated logos cannot be legally trademarked because the elements are too similar to designs already on file? Even though you may not need to use a proprietary font, stock images and standard text embellishments will not be enough to help you build a brand reputation that can also be protected by law.

    Considering how much work you’ve already put into planning and building your business, it truly deserves the best logos. This is just one of many reasons why we offer the following to all our logo and corporate identity customers:

    • All of our designs are carefully researched to ensure your logo can be trademarked
    • We offer fresh, innovative designs that will outrank anything your competitors may be using
    • Our artists carefully research your industrial niche plus consumer habits in order to produce the kinds of logos that stay in their minds
    • We have a tightly integrated marketing and art staff that produce perfect branding materials that will withstand the test of time and consumer interests.
    • Count on us for perfect letterhead and other branding elements that will make it easy to communicate in just about any type of visual or written media
    • Never worry about boring electronic or conventional paper business cards when our staff members use their creativity to develop perfect designs for your business
    • We can easily generate branding materials for specific products and services as easily as we can for your entire company. In fact, even if you need a new design to fit in with existing brand materials, our artists can easily deliver compatible materials at an affordable price.